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Bio-Degradable Cutlery Manufacturing Plant

Peepl Automation's biodegradable cutlery making machines are a series of advanced machines that have been designed to make eco-friendly products from agricultural waste materials. The major raw materials used in these machines include rice bran, rice husk, rice straw, wheat bran, wheat grass, areca shell, non-poisonous wood powder, banana stem, banana leaf branch, peanut shell, coir, tamarind seed powder, and more.


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Customized Plant Setup: One of PEEPL Automations' standout features is its ability to tailor manufacturing plants to the unique needs and requirements of its clients. Whether a business seeks to produce a specific type of biodegradable cutlery or requires a plant of a certain capacity, PEEPL Automations designs, manufactures, and commissions a complete plant setup that aligns with these objectives. This customization ensures that clients can efficiently and sustainably meet their production goals.

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