Vision Inspection Station ( Camera Based)

This is a plug and play vision based inspection station developed by PEEPL which can be easily attached to conveyors or assembly lines. It can provide automated image-based inspection for a diverse industrial and manufacturing application. 

The versatility and industry range of machine vision inspection can be seen in the following list of typical machine vision inspection tasks: 

  • Determine the position of an object.

  • Ensure the package integrity of products.

  • Verify that an object’s properties meet quality standards, such as the position and volume.

  • Inspect manufactured goods and identify flaws, such as surface scratches, bent needle tips, and incomplete solder traces

  • Count items, such as pills in a blister pack, bottles in a case, and components of a kit

  • Check on characteristics of completed assemblies, such as the inclusion of consumer safety inserts and the completion of an assembly operation

  • Detect tool wear in machining operations before parts are out of specificiation

  • Measure dimensions on a microscopic level, such as the gap on a spark plug

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