Surgical Wound Protector Making Machine

PEEPL Surgical Wound Protector Manufacturing Machine is the first machine in India in this category. Surgical wound care is not common in many countries due to its high cost and unavailability. We undertook this project as part of our social responsibility and considering the numerous benefits of the end product to medical patients.

Ophthalmic Strip Making Machine

Ophthalmic Strips (Fluorescein Strips) are the most commonly used diagnostic strip to visualize defects or abrasions in the corneal epithelium by staining the areas of cellular loss. The manufacturing of these strips are a labour intensive process. PEEPL designed and built a fully automatic machine for the bulk manufacturing of Ophthalmic strips.

Gauze Folding Machine

PEEPL's automatic medical mopping pad folding machine streamlines the folding of medical-grade mopping pads, enhancing efficiency and hygiene in healthcare facility maintenance.


PEEPL InBot-2X is a cost-effective, 2-axis robot designed for use in chemically harsh environments (selenium vapour degreasing process), with pre- loaded and custom parameters and a long operating range.

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